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Our Mission

The ROBIN Project Hawaii mission

The ROBIN Project Hawaii (RPH) is devoted to helping persons whose life histories have prevented or made it extremely difficult to acquire temporary and/or long-term housing. Additionally, the organization will provide supportive services to its resident participants to enable their recovery to self-sufficiency and independence, with special emphasis on those of Native Hawaiian ancestry.

The ROBIN Project Hawaii (RPH) is devoted to helping ex-offenders integrate into the society in Hawaii


We trust every person should have the chance to prosper. In this regard with the goal of self sufficiency and independence, in cooperation with other organizations; we make every effort to provide the following services:


Program candidates will have an interview with an intake specialist to help determine the unique or special needs of that person.

Clean and Sober Housing

Participants will reside a minimum of six months in a 'clean and sober' house or complete a drug rehabilitation program.

Transitional Housing

Qualified candidates will be invited to live in 'Transitional Housing' operated by RPH . The period of residency will be determined by an individual's progress toward selfsufficiency. The intent is to create a gradual process of adjustment to full independence.

Long-term Housing

Successful completion of Phase Two will result in an invitation to those with unusual placement problems to reside in 'Long-term Housing' provided by RPH.

Job Training

Working with supportive employers and employment geared programs, who recognize the value of an organization such as RPH, the project guarantees that any participants in its program who require employment assistance will be provided.

Job Placement

RPH will assist with job placement in every way possible, and advocate for the return of its participants to the skilled and professional employment for which they are qualified.

Supportive Services

RPH will provide services to the clients, if not otherwise provided and as needed, to help secure medical, dental, and legal care and assistance.

ex-offenders support services in Hawaii


RPH services are confidential. Take the first step towards self-sufficiency and independence and contact us for an initial consultation.

“This year, some 600,000 inmates will be released from prison back into society. We know from long experience that if they can’t find work, or a home, or help, they are much more likely to commit more crimes and return to prison…. America is the land of the second chance, and when the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life.”

President George W. Bush,
2004 State of the Union Address

Our Team

A group of individuals who have witnessed first-hand the very difficult barriers that almost every person exiting the penal system has to confront. In overcoming these obstacles and in dealing with associated legal and societal barriers, we have joined together in the common purpose of bridging a distinct gap in services for recently released persons, persons who are at great risk of further offending and further incarceration. For those like us who have felt and continue to feel displaced and alienated from society our organizations purpose is to provide the kind of assistance that we were not provided when we were released from incarceration. The founders and organizers of RPH are confident that by addressing the crucial, but unfulfilled needs 1 of our target group, needs such as transitional and long term housing, individual case and care management, educational programs and resources, and by fashioning a program that enhances selfesteem, we will be empowering our participants to achieve the goals of sustainability and independence. As a direct, positive result of our unique program, we anticipate a significant reduction in recidivism.

The ROBIN Project Hawaii Team

Get Involved

We appreciate our donors, volunteers, allies, our team and you. Here is the different ways you can help.

Donate Funds

Your contribution will help us continue to secure better and brighter future for a large portion of the community we serve. Donate Here.

Donate Essentials

Many RPH clients are in need of basic supplies such as hygiene, bedding, apparel, food, work attire and tools. Please contact RPH for a list of looked for items.

Donate Goods

Occasionally, RPH conducts exciting fundraising events. Would you consider donating fundraising items, Please contact RPH fundraising agent.

Volunteer with RPH

Volunteers make an important part of RPH community. Volunteers help RPH deliver services to a larger segment of the community. From conducting programs, to job training, raising funds, or office work; at RPH, we are confident you will find a suitable rewarding function. Contact us and a volunteers agent will be of help.

Join Employment Hub

RPH is constantly increasing the network of employers who believe potential employees should be considred based on skills and drive. Do you share our values of integration; and would you like access to a workforce that is trained and coached. Contact RPH and an employment specialist will be glad to help with no charge to employers.

Buy Sponsored Items

RPH will carry a large selection of products and services that fits with our humanitarian mission and brings value to the public. Proceeds from the sales will help RPH bring more hope and independence into the people we serve. Check back soon

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The ROBIN Project Hawaii
1050 Bishop Street, Suite B174
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813



Commitment & Transparency

Give with confidence knowing The ROBIN Project's devotion to transparency & effectiveness from Nonprofit quality leaders.


The ROBIN Project holds the Bronze seal of transparency from GuideStar

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The following list of resources deemed helpful in the integration of formely or currently incarcerated individuals into the society.

provides offenders and ex-offenders with cognitive skill restructuring, referrals for vocational skill training, referrals for housing, and helping with securing identity documents. WorkNet is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.
offers several programs for returning citizens. These include counseling, job training, advocacy and life skill training. CAC is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.
MOKA provides a clean and sober living environment for men who want to make a positive change with their lives. The program is located in Oahu.
HOPE provides transitional housing, support groups, as well as life skill training. This program is located in Hilo.
The Huikahi Reentry Circle process is a pioneering work designed for imprisoned people, their families and victims to addresses the incarcerated person’s needs for a successful reentry into the community, crime and drug free. Located in Oahu.
Program dedicated to empowering women to successfully transition from prison to the community. The program provides information on women in the criminal justice system, community re-entry programs, substance abuse treatment and other related services. Located in Honolulu.
The State of Hawaii Med-QUEST Division (MQD) provides eligible low-income adults and children access to health and medical coverage through managed care plans.(Hawaii Med-QUEST web, March 2017)
Hawaii Department of Human Services mission is provide timely, efficient and effective programs, services and benefits for the purpose of achieving the outcome of empowering Hawaii’s most vulnerable people; and to expand their capacity for self-sufficiency, self-determination, independence, healthy choices, quality of life, and personal dignity.(Hawaii Department of Human Services web, March 2017)
Hawaii DHS - Office of Youth Services (OYS) mission is to provide programs and services for Hawaii’s youth including the provision of balanced and comprehensive services for at-risk youth, to prevent delinquency, reduce recidivism, and maximize opportunities for youth to become productive, responsible citizens through community based and family-focused treatment interventions.(Hawaii OYS web, March 2017)
The program seeks to reintegrate former offenders into the community and the workplace. Our focus is on helping to provide appropriate supportive services to those returning to Hawai'i from a correctional facility. Our main goal is to lower the recidivism rate for our State through these efforts. Located in Hilo.
Oahu WorLinks provides job seekers services such as job training financial assistance and career guidance. Their services include access to job bank websites, career guidance and support learning about job skills requirements, Job Seeker Workshops, photocopier, telephones, message center, fax, computers, assistive technology and a library learning center.
Oahu WorLinks Youth Services help Oahu's young people access programs and services that put them on the path to economic, educational, and social well-being.

"Safe, secure, orderly prisons — those are bedrock. But we can truly deliver on our commitment to the safety of our citizens by also assuming leadership in implementing principles and practices that reduce post-release recidivism."

A.T. Wall, Director,
Rhode Island Department of Corrections
Resources for ex-offenders reentry in Hawaii
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